Ride & Room Share

You can save money by sharing a room and/or carpooling to the event! Let other attendees know that you would like to share by posting a comment on this page. Be sure to include in the COMMENT section (not only the “Email” section) a way in which other attendees may contact you (email, FB, phone, etc). Otherwise other participants will not be able to reach you regarding sharing a ride/room. Your email address will be visible only to admins if you do not post it in the Comment box as well. Any ride/room arrangements must be made by you, with other participants, as the NCSC staff will not be making them. Alternatively, log on to our Facebook page to make arrangements with others who are attending. Once you’ve found a roommate and no longer need your post, please email us through the Contact Us page so we can remove it. (Unfortunately there is no way for you to remove it on your own.)


  1. NCSC Team says:

    Folks, please don’t forget to include your e-mail address (or other means of contact) in the COMMENT section. Otherwise only the admins can see your e-mail address and other attendees will be unable to contact you to arrange room or ride share. Thanks!

    Please also BE SURE TO READ ALL OF THE POSTS to see if people have posted and then found someone. And don’t just post your info, but take the initiative to contact those who have already posted!

    See you at NCSC 2022! 🙂

  2. Alyssa Combs says:

    Hello, my name is Alyssa combs I would like to share a room if possible with another female . I live in the DC area so if we meet at either airports we could carpool via Uber together.

  3. Rene' Forsythe says:

    Hi ladies!
    I have reserved a room with 2 queen beds and requested a roll away bed as well from September 14-19 but can always modify the reservation too. So technically I could have 4 roommates if people don’t mind sharing a bed. Anyhow, let me know if you’re interested. Should be fun!
    Rene’ Forsythe

  4. Amanda says:

    Hi, my name is Amanda and I have a room to share with another female. Email me at reynaudam@yahoo.com

  5. Dennis says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    Some people were already asking about flights and airlines. Years ago I would travel frequently to the Washington DC area and many times drive to Pennsylvania from Dulles. Dulles airport is much closer to the conference, so if you can fly in there, great. United Airlines has a hub at Dulles (airport code IAD), so direct flights should be possible from Newark (EWR), Denver (DEN), and possibly Cleveland (CLE).

    American Airlines should be a good choice if you are flying from Dallas (DFW), Chicago (ORD), Charlotte (CLT) Philadelphia (PHL) or Phoenix (PHX). Connections or straight flights can be made through DFW, PHX, CLT, PHL or ORD. Places like St. Louis (STL) and Los Angeles (LAX) often make connections in DFW or ORD on American Airlines. PHX, CLT, and PHL were former hubs for US Airways, which is now part of American Airlines.

    I would check Delta if you are coming from Minneapolis (MSP), Cincinnati (CVG), Atlanta (ATL), or Detroit (DTW) since these are hubs that Delta has – I am more familiar with American than United or Delta.

    If you cannot get certain times for flights, or can get better travel deals to Baltimore Washington Airport (BWI) or to Reagan National (DCA) you could fly into one of those airports and then travel to Dulles. It’s not hard to take Amtrak or the Marc into Union Station from BWI and the DC Metro can be taken from DCA. I have taken Amtrak from BWI into Union Station my share of times (and have even taken to Amtrak a few times to PHL after flying into BWI or DCA), and I have flown Southwest into DCA. Southwest (at least pre-Covid) was fairly easy to get around at DCA since Southwest has their own terminal there (I believe it is Terminal A). It’s also fairly easy to catch the DC Metro from DCA (again pre-COVID). Now, I will say driving through DC can be a challenge, so I recommend using the DC Metro or leave the driving to someone else (I do think Uber would be really expensive to go from DCA over to Chantilly though, but if a few of you could carpool in a shuttle bus, that would probably help save some money).

    Other travel options, particularly if you are an east coast resident, could be to take the Amtrak into Union Station in Washington DC from several East Coast Cities, or take a bus to Washington DC.

    Hope this helps people plan their trip for arrival and departure.


    DISCLAIMER: I do not work for an airline, a bus line, and I am not an Uber or Lyft driver. I am also not a travel agent – I just happen to have spent a lot of time in the Washington DC area over the years so I wanted to provide some free advice.

  6. Lanny says:

    Looking for male roommates for 3 nights during conference – Thurs, Fri and Sat. Email me at lannyfre@startmail.com

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