Dr. Morgan Van Epp Cutlip

Morgan Van Epp Cutlip joined the Love Thinks team officially in 2008, although she developed an interest in romantic relationship health at a young age, and traveled with her father when he first started teaching the How to Avoid Falling for Jerk program over 20 years ago.

Since, Morgan has completed her Bachelor’s degree in psychology at Miami University, her Master’s in Human Development and Family Science at the Ohio State University, and earned her Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Akron. While at Ohio State, Morgan worked on a research project that evaluated the effectiveness of the No Jerk program with single Army soldiers. She was lead author on the research article published about the study, which was awarded the 2008 Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal article of the year. Her dissertation was a qualitative study on the Relationship Attachment Model with married couples and can be downloaded here. She is happily married to her husband, Chad, and is the proud mother to Effie and Roy.

Morgan will be addressing how to determine one’s needs, figure out whether they are healthy or extreme and learn how to communicate them in one’s relationships.

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