Patrick Dwyer

Patrick Dwyer gives words and bluesy life to the hidden heart, in every breath of song. Born of mixed Irish and Filipino ancestry, raised in rural Montana but living in Los Angeles, he has somehow found a way to harmonize these disparate aspects of culture, style, wilderness, city, old and new, into music that, like himself, is complex, but whole. You’ll hear echoes of country and folk, Irish ballads and American storytelling, bare authenticity and a sly wink, punk and rock, all married into an acoustic indie pop that is unlike anything else.

The raw, visceral poetry of his lyrics is at once startling and familiar, perhaps because you intimately hear that as he has delved deep to uncover the aches and joys and breaks in his heart, he has uncovered yours as well.

When you hear a song of Patrick Dwyer’s, you feel compelled to listen to it over and over and over, discovering that it affects you as much the 1,000 time as it did the first. Perhaps that’s why so many venues ask him to return. He’s played packed performances at The Hotel Cafe, The House of Blues, The Viper Room, The Dresden, The Laugh Factory, to name a few, and listeners realize they’ve never heard anyone like him before, but they want to hear him again. He has played for audiences of 5 and 5,000, but when you hear him, you’re sure he’s playing only for you.

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