PJ Anderson


PJ Anderson’s most recent studio album, Mercy, Mercy, debuted at #7 on iTunes and received glowing reviews. In recent years, PJ has led thousands in worship at events worldwide, including World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland and the Mass for Life in Washington, DC.  For the past 10 years, he has spent his summers with Catholic Heart Work Camp, offering his musical talents and serving as a director, giving students meaningful opportunities to serve and minister in cities across the US and abroad. Amidst these opportunities, the recent years have been a time of immense growth for PJ as a worship artist and storyteller.

PJ has found what he calls “a home” writing worship songs for the church. As a worship artist, he is concerned not only with the responsibility of humbly leading worship, but also for generating new songs that draw people nearer to Our Lord.  Reflecting on this, PJ said, “I want to remind people through my songs that we all have flaws and burdens, but we can bring that brokenness to the Lord. And at the same time, we must lift each other up, not tear each other down.” He goes on to say that his “main goal is to write lyrics and melodies that carve out a place where others can be in the presence of the Lord.”

This goal of bringing others closer to Christ goes beyond songwriting as PJ strives to make an impact in his local community. While much of PJ’s work involves extensive traveling, performing, and songwriting, he has also been instrumental in launching a worship community called SUMMIT in Nashville, with his wife, Rachel. SUMMIT is a monthly worship gathering that offers worship, word and fellowship to young adults from across many denominational and faith backgrounds.

As he writes new songs, PJ says, “I’ve become more comfortable in my role as not only a worship artist, but as a storyteller. I’ve realized that we each have stories to share and that there is so much to learn from each person’s journey.” This realization has lent PJ new perspectives on the timeless themes of Christian music. PJ says, “God has been the subject of songs for centuries. As a Christian songwriter, I am driven by the challenge of saying something new, thought-provoking and inspiring about God’s immense love for us.”

PJ has an enthusiasm for God that is genuine and deeply refreshing. His heart offers believers an avenue to find nearness to God. This desire motivates his life, both on and off stage. PJ has been praised for his unique ability to connect with his listeners, and with new music slated to release with each season, starting Fall 2019, fans and fellow worshippers have a lot to look forward to!


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