Ride & Room Share

You can save money by sharing a room and/or carpooling to the event! Let other attendees know that you would like to share by posting a comment on this page. Be sure to include in the COMMENT section (not only the “Email” section) a way in which other attendees may contact you (email, FB, phone, etc). Otherwise other participants will not be able to reach you regarding sharing a ride/room. Your email address will be visible only to admins if you do not post it in the Comment box as well. Any ride/room arrangements must be made by you, with other participants, as the NCSC staff will not be making them. Alternatively, log on to our Facebook page to make arrangements with others who are attending. Once you’ve found a roommate and no longer need your post, please email us through the Contact Us page so we can remove it. (Unfortunately there is no way for you to remove it on your own.)


  1. NCSC Team says:

    Folks, please don’t forget to include your e-mail address (or other means of contact) in the COMMENT section. Otherwise only the admins can see your e-mail address and other attendees will be unable to contact you to arrange room or ride share. Thanks!

    Please also BE SURE TO READ ALL OF THE POSTS to see if people have posted and then found someone. And don’t just post your info, but take the initiative to contact those who have already posted!

    See you at NCSC 2021! 🙂

  2. Jeremy says:

    Not only did I learn about issues that so many single Catholics share, but I was able to exchange ideas and encourage others. I came away feeling stronger in my Faith and excited about the next event.

  3. Trisha Windham says:

    Looking to share a room. I will probably be there Friday night and will leave Sun. I am a 78 year old non smoker female.

  4. Peter Cwik says:

    Looking for potential roommate(s). Coming from Maryland for the whole week. Will most likely be staying at Omni from Thursday through Sunday. Please email me petercwik913@gmail.com.

  5. Stefanie says:

    My flight arrives at 5:30pm on Wednesday, the 18th, if anyone else is arriving around that same time and wants to share the cost of an Uber to the hotel from the airport…or wants to navigate the rail/bus situation together! Email me at stefpawel@hotmail.com.

  6. Natalia Villarreal says:

    Hello, I’m considering attending this year to the event but I was wondering if there’s still someone looking for a female roommate? Please email me naty.villarreal@gmail.com

  7. Allen Tobolski says:

    I’m still on the fence as to how I am getting to CO….leaning toward driving; but I will definitely be there, early evening Thursday, the 19th and leaving in the morning Monday, the 23rd. I am hoping to find a roommate. I am 68 years old if that makes a difference. You can email me at icenine53@gmail.com

  8. Anna Carnevale says:

    Hello There!
    I am a 30-year-old female looking for a travel buddy to fly out of the Boston Area on Wednesday the 18th for a preferably direct flight into Denver for the Thursday pre-conference events. I am flexible to fly back into the Boston Area on Sunday or Monday. Looking forward to the conference! Let’s connect: acarnevale7162@aol.com

    Thank you!

  9. Estela says:

    Hi there!
    I’m looking to share a Green Ride Boulder or Uber from Denver airport to the Omni Thursday morning. My United flight arrives @ 10:30am.

    Since I have a morning arrival, I was hoping to do some sight-seeing & am looking for a sight-seeing buddy to Red Rocks Amphitheater! (using Uber) Thinking to do this in the afternoon before the pre-con 5:30 pm event @ St Rafka.

    And looking for a female roommate, I’m staying @ the Omni Thursday, Friday & Saturday.


    Thanks! 🙂

  10. Shelly A Emery says:

    I booked a room for Friday and Saturday night only. Two Queen Beds. If interested in Room Share please message me. The cost per person including tax and fees would be $170.11. semery88@yahoo.com

  11. Amber Maskow says:

    Hi! Adriana and I have reserved a Deluxe room for Friday, August 20 with checkout on Sunday, August 22. We are looking for a third roommate. Let us know if you’re interested!

  12. Sarah Nicole Lawlor says:

    Good Evening and Happy 4th Everyone!
    I will be arriving on the 19th( to see my friend in Denver) and leaving the 23rd. Would anyone like to share a room with me? 26-year-old female from San Francisco looking to split a room with other roommates. Let me know at (415)933-7541; sarahsfca@gmail.

  13. Karen says:

    Hi all!

    I will arrive in Denver at 7:25 am on Friday and would like to share transportation to the hotel. I would also like to share a room. Please let me know if you are interested! Thanks! Karen – harmey21@gmail.com

  14. Alejandra S Draper says:

    Hi, I am planning on attending the conference for the first time!
    I would be flying in from Florida, and arriving on Friday, August 20 about 12:00 Noon. I am a young 65 year old! I will be checking out of hotel on Monday, August 23.
    If any female around my age would be interested in sharing a room please email me at: alson424@yahoo.com.

    I would also be Interested in sharing an Uber or other mode of transportation if you arrive on August 20 about 12:00 noon!


  15. Eileen says:

    Hello!! I’m looking for a female roommate for this NCSC! I’m 25, non-smoker, and fully vaccinated! I’m coming in Thursday and leaving Sunday. You can reach me at my email: eileen1695@gmail.com or text me at (818)489-8193.

    Eileen D.

  16. Paloma says:

    Hi all! I’m 24yrs old and considering attending the conference for the first time! I’ve also never flown before and I’m going to be coming from OC, California. I’m looking to possibly book a room with someone and maybe a flight if it works out 🙂 my email is pnoropeza@icloud.com. Thanks! Paloma

  17. Cheryl says:

    Hello late here – Anyone need a roommate?

    Friday check in/Sunday check out

  18. Elizabeth says:

    Hi ,
    I am looking for a roommate
    Arriving on Thursday and leaving on Monday.
    Elizabeth, kidatommy@sbcglobal.net

  19. Eileen Driscoll says:


    Looking for 1 more female to share a 4 person room with 2 Queen Size beds! Check in Friday, Check out Sunday at the Omni! Please email at eileen1695@gmail.com or Text me at (818)489-8193


  20. Carolyn Halbur says:

    If anyone is flying on Thursday around 12:30 pm, I am willing to share an uber ride or car pool with someone that is renting a car. My cell is 714-425-3425 or email cahalbur@yahoo.com

  21. Allen Tobolski says:

    I accidentally booked my return flight for Tuesday instead of Monday. After much consideration I’ve decided to stay and go to Eldorado Canyon on Monday. I do still need a room to stay on Monday evening if anyone has space. – Allen, icenine533@gmail.com

  22. Giselle says:

    HI. My name is Giselle and I am a fun loving middle-aged woman looking to share a room with someone or a group of women for the conference. Please let me know if you are interested and have space for another! God bless. Giselle – gisellefern@aol.com, 310/488-7762

  23. Oris Rintala says:

    I have 1 bed available in double room (conference price) for a female. we will split the costs. (No snorers please, I’m a light sleeper). If you need only 2 nights that’s fine too.
    Friday, Aug 20 – Mon. Aug. 23. Thanks.
    text or call me 202 770 6444

  24. Ray says:

    I have a room at Omni NCSC Thursday through Tuesday .
    I’m looking for one guy to help share the cost. Room has two queen beds .
    RJspencer@ usfamily.net

  25. Richard J Chaput says:

    I will have a rental car at 1PM FRIDAY at Airport. If anyone needs a ride please text me: Rich Chaput 217-553-3471

  26. Mark Brown says:

    Hi, so I will be flying in Wednesday and will need a room for just that one night (I already have arrangements for all the other nights). So, if there are any guys who can take another roommate just for Wednesday night (I can sleep on the floor), that would be great! If so, please let me know.



  27. Anisa Jimenez says:

    Anyone arriving at the airport around 2pm on Thursday? Looking to see if I can split a Uber or something like that to the hotel. My email is youngadults@corpusc.com


  28. Joe Haggerty says:

    I have a room at Omni for Thursday night thru Sunday night with Monday morning checkout. Two queen beds at conference price and would like to split cost for nights taken. I prefer non-smoking male over 40.
    Text only please at 805-443-7648

  29. Ray says:

    I have extra queen bed and looking to share expenses with other man at Omni.
    & Sunday and Monday only

    Friday Saturday already full.
    Please call or email.

  30. Jon says:

    I’m looking for a ride share to the hotel. I’m supposed to land on Wednesday at 1:13pm. If anyone is interested let me know. Also, I tried to apply for the Wednesday party, but it was too late and the list was full. I’ll be at the bar in the omni in the late afternoon ( I land at 1:13). If anyone else had the same problem feel free to join me for a toast to a great week!




  31. Catherine Miller says:

    If there are any ladies out there who would like to share a room, I have a room with two beds. I am arriving Thursday and staying until Monday.


    You can email cthymiller2015@outlook.com
    or contact me at (630) 329-5943

  32. Patience says:

    Will be arriving Friday 4pm at the airport, if anyone wants to share an Uber/Lift to the hotel?

  33. Laura sanchez says:

    Hi I’m looking to share a room for Monday night (only) if any girl have extra space in her room?
    Please contact me ternura80@aol.com ASAP
    Also I need a ride from the airport my flight arrive at 12:15 pm Friday

  34. Chris O'Brien says:

    Late cancellation?
    I haven’t booked a hotel room yet for Friday and Saturday. I can take yours (and pay you) so you don’t lose the reservation payment.

    Chris O’Brien
    text or call 203-558-5817

  35. Chris O'Brien says:

    I have a car and will be landing just after 9 pm Friday. If you need a ride in, I’d be happy to bring you to tonight’s social.

  36. Laura sanchez says:

    Hi good afteenoon
    Im still looking for a room to share Monday night with any lady (es) please contact me tex 786 738-1780

  37. Paige Taylor says:

    Would anyone like to travel together or rideshare to the airport Sunday night? My flight leaves at 10:06 PM

    Paige Taylor (503) 209-9201

    Pls call or text only as I do not get email on my phone. Tnx!

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