What NCSC attendees are saying:

I attended the NCSC in Chicago and it was not only wonderful, it increased my faith!…I absolutely loved it! The things I learned were life changing! – Cynthia

I just wanted to say “Thank YOU!” for all your hard work to you and your team who put on a fabulous NCSC in Philly. I was so impressed. It was my first NCSC and I would totally go again and again and recommend it to anyone! You put together a very nice and balanced conference, with elements of good spirituality, mixers, fun, food, and vendors. It was top notch. – Maria

For those who have never been to a NCSC, I highly recommend it!… I met really wonderful people who became some of my closest friends, and I connected with our faith in a way that I was not able to from years of just going to Mass on Sunday. You will not be disappointed.

After attending these conferences I have had a new-found appreciation of what it means to be Catholic and that there is much more to our faith and what is has to offer than just going to Mass every Sunday. Thing is, just don’t go with the only goal and expectation of finding your soulmate. Who knows, it could indeed happen! But what you can expect are the following:

  • Expect to make some AWESOME new friends.
  • Expect to have a LOT of fun.
  • Prepare to be spiritually rejuvenated.

– Salvatore

I just want to thank you for putting on an inspiring and spiritually fulfilling conference! I have been to Rome and Assisi on a spiritual pilgrimage, but last week’s conference touched me significantly. It is almost like a spiritual restlessness that has been awakened. – Ken

I personally enjoyed a weekend of being able to grow in my spirituality, be inspired by wonderful speakers and reconnect with old friends as well as make new friends! A smile was permanently fixed on my face 24/7 and my spiritual batteries were super-charged! – Joyce

My friend and I had a wonderful time this past weekend! It was our first singles conference and we didn’t know what to expect. The talks were very eye-opening and fun to sit and listen to. The dance Saturday night was tons of fun! – Veronica

After my first conference last year, I realized that this was THE event where Single Catholics are ministered to. The NCSC is a place where I feel that the speakers are talking directly to me and my specific circumstances in life. I felt both inspired and challenged at this year’s conference, just as I felt at last year’s conference. It is refreshing to have an event like this in a world in which single Catholics too often feel like the forgotten part of the congregation in their local parishes…. I’m looking forward to attending the next conference. – John

It was a great weekend!! My sister and I felt so blessed to have been able to attend this year and meet so many wonderful Catholic people genuinely on fire with the Holy Spirit and ready to greet you with a smile and a friendly hand shake. This weekend blew my expectations out of the water and far exceeded them! It was so amazing! I can honestly say I will never forget you all or this experience. – Rachel

This was an amazing conference! It was great being around fellow Catholics sharing the same values. The talks were interesting and informative. The social gatherings, pre & post events and dance were a lot of fun! – Ann

It’s the Super Bowl for single Catholics! – Mark


More anonymous feedback….

  • Outstanding! Wonderful talks, great Masses and praise & worship, and the dance was a blast!
  • Wonderful. It is awesome to meet, worship and learn with fellow Catholics from all over the country.
  • The experience has been so profound for me I got so much clarification on what I need to do moving forward.
  • Thanks for putting together this conference. It is much needed. I hope every single Catholic hears about it and attends. It addresses the issues.
  • Thank you for all of the work you do in the vineyard of Christ… have benefited tremendously from not only the speakers and the friendships I have encountered, but above all from the witness of authentic Christian life…
  • The speakers did an outstanding job of sharing how we can live out our Catholic faith while in the single state. Encouraging.
  • I have great new tools to approach relationships. I now feel that I can at least acknowledge my fears and distractions and appreciate my singlehood and use it to be completely available to do God’s will.

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