Anastasia Northrop

Anastasia Northrop has been studying and promoting St. John Paul II’s message on love and the human person for over 20 years. Founder and Director of the National Catholic Singles Conference, she has been particularly involved in applying John Paul II’s message to the single life since 2005.

Along with organizing various other events, writing articles, and networking internationally with those disseminating John Paul II’s work, she has given talks and promoted study groups in the United States and several countries in Europe and South America. Having studied at the International Theological Institute in Austria, she completed her Masters in Catholic Applied Theology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family through Maryvale Institute in Birmingham, England. She is the author of the study guide for the text of the Theology of the Body entitled The Freedom of the Gift, and a contributing author to Freedom: 12 Lives Transformed by Theology of the Body (Ascension Press, 2009).

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