Matt Mordini

Matt studied Carmelite spirituality for two years as a Carmelite seminarian. He has extensive experience in retreat work and liturgy. From 1999-2005 he was an adult leader on over 25 weekend retreats with the Happening in Christianity, Inc. a retreat program for high school and college students. In 2005 he was instrumental in getting a Spirit and Truth Young Adult Eucharistic Adoration community started and served as the area coordinator for Northern Illinois from 2009 to 2011. He also helped develop the Source and Summit Retreat for the group and served on leadership five weekends. In addition Matt’s been a dynamic praise and worship leader.

Matt started dancing in 2009 and teaching in 2012. Matt is well known and respected member of the Chicago swing dance community, both as a social dancer and as an avid competitor. In addition to teaching private lessons he serves as key support staff on several secular events, including West Coast Wednesdays and Dance Camp Chicago, Swing City Chicago and the Chicago Classic swing dance conventions.

Matt started working on the material that would become Theology of Dance in 2011. At the time the plan was modest- a few skits using dance to help explain a few concepts from the the Theology of the Body. But is soon it developed into a full program. Matt has given TOD presentations, lessons and retreats to youth, college students, young adults, couples,  both locally in Chicago and around the country. His website is He will be giving the dance lesson on Saturday night during the conference, and will also be offering short personal dance lessons throughout the weekend at his booth!

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