Our Online Events

Monthly Online Socials

-Who: Open to GS24 app members 

Each month, NCSC hosts an online gathering for the members of the GS24 app community. These generally include social time with small breakouts, a short presentation on a topic (typically something about the spiritual life, theology of the body, relationships, etc.) followed by questions and answers with the guest speaker and small group discussion.

GS24 Study Groups

-Who: Open to the public

Six to eight weeks of small group discussions with 10-15 people. You’ll watch presentations of top-notch speakers and then discuss them with other like-minded single Catholics topics such as complementarity of men and women, friendship, Theology of the Body, building healthy relationships, and much more. The thing we love most about these groups is seeing how many friendships are formed. People are really able to build community through these groups!

Mini Meets Date Night

-Who: Open to NCSC/GS24 community and their friends

NCSC partners with DateNight.ai to offer a FREE date night to our NCSC/GS24 community. How it works: You sign up, receive an invitation to the next event, RSVP and then let their computer algorithm set you up with up to 7 people for the night (based on the criteria you selected on your form). The dates are 7 minutes long with a 1 minute break in between. Afterwards, you fill out a feedback form and simply select whether you’d like a second date with those you met. If there are any mutual matches, Datenight.ai will send you both an email so you can continue to stay in touch. 

Mission Possible: Living your Baptismal Vocation

-Who: Open to the public. 

A 4-week, highly interactive, online series about living the vocation that every baptized Catholic is called to live – the call to share Christ with the world in our everyday lives. Marriage and the religious vocations are not all there are. We all have a unique calling and mission and it is important to learn what those are so we can effectively live them!

Relationship Ready: A Single Catholic’s Roadmap to Marriage

-Who: Open to the public. 

An 8-week program that covers marriage prep topics. Why wait until you’re engaged? There is a wealth of knowledge and skills in areas such as communication, conflict resolution, healing, forgiveness, attachment styles (and more!) that you can learn about and begin to practice BEFORE you even meet “the one.” These skills help you better prepare for dating and give you the necessary tools for building healthy, long-lasting relationships from the ground up.

Dating Challenge

-Who: Open to the public 

A 3-5 day FREE online event with speakers, Q&A, and small group discussions on the topic of dating and relationships. Additionally, there are opportunities to message, video chat and interact with other participants through our NCSC-branded app outside of the LIVE Zoom sessions. The atmosphere is light, fun and low pressure.